June 18, 2014

Pancake perfection

Have you ever made a pancake in your rice cooker?  Before this morning I would have likened that question with someone asking if I steam broccoli in my toilet. However, I tried this (not going to try the broccoli thing) and it rocks. The way I make pancakes has forever been changed. 

I saw a Facebook post about this cooking method. Usually when I see an idea like that I think, "Wow that looks like fun. I should do that sometime!" - then I'm distracted by something shiny and the idea dies there. I actually followed through with this one and did it within like a half an hour too.  Freaking miracle, I tell ya!

I combined my pancake mix with it's necessary ingredients, dumped it all in my rice cooker, pressed "cook" and left it.  A few minutes later Mr. rice cooker beeped to let me know my perfect pancake was ready for consumption. Note, I am not a food photographer or stylist. Clearly...

The kids thought it was fun, it tasted great and it was kind of pretty!  Apparently there are all sorts of crazy things you can do with your rice cooker. I might have found a new hobby.

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