October 11, 2009

Vroom Vroom goes his bed

I'm a dork. That is a fact. I have had the bedding for my 2 year old son's big boy bed for about 2 years now. I found what I liked, bought it and haven't wavered on my decision once. In addition, over the past few years I have spent many happy hours looking for the right accessory that will go in this spot or the perfect color blue lamp shade, etc.

Z is still in a crib but he is very close to learning how to propel himself out and break one or more body parts. That means room transformation time!!!

My husband really never gives much of an opinion on anything and normally he lets me interior decorate to my heart's content. Although he doesn't interject very often, when he does, 100% of the time it is annoying. His last strong opinion was when we got married almost 9 years ago and he had a major opinion on the weight of the everyday knives we were registering for. Here we are, a short 9 years later and he has another opinion.

This time his obnoxious opinion is on the choice of big boy bed for our son. He wants a race car bed. Let me repeat that - he wants a race car bed. Yeah, I do mean one of those very large, very plastic, very red race car beds.

I'm a snob - can't help it. I not that big on plastic toys for my kids and so you can probably imagine a race car bed is not in the design schematic I have drawn up for Z's room. Yes I'm not kidding, I'm that big of a dork I have a drawn up layout of his big boy room - did it for my daughter's room too.

So here we are. Every day I walk a line of "hmmm... he never insists on much, maybe I should let him have this one thing" to "Oh my God, there is no way in hell I am putting a race car bed into my design plan." I'm at the point that I'm considering paying someone $400 to build me a wood, chic race car bed for the little guy. Yes, I have gone so far as to price that option. I'd do it but I don't think that would satisfy my husband's race car fantasy.

I realize many a wee boy has been incredibly happy in a red plastic race car bed and I'm sure Z would absolutely love it, but let's be honest - it is all about me :)

My daughter summed it up best. We were talking about the bed and I was mentioning many cool and appealing to the eye options that we could get for Z. My husband asked our daughter which one she thought Z would like better. She said, "Dad, you know you are the one who wants a race car bed." Exactly!

Maybe I should get one for the hubs and let him sleep in it so he can get over never having one as a boy and leave me alone to design away.


  1. Oh how funny! Maybe the race car bed can tuck under yours like a trundle so at least you guys can stay in the same room. I better not mention it to my husband or he'll start wanting one too. We might have to tell them what we do our kids "ask Santa".

    Or how about the racecar bed for the play room and the real bed in the "designed" room?

  2. I love the idea of tucking the race car bed under our bed like a trundle! Hilarious. I can see us pulling it out every night and me tucking my husband in, giving him water and reading him a bed time story.

  3. E is one sharp little cookie. She hit the nail right on the head with her comment to Dan.

    You know, $400 doesn't seem that bad to me and at least you can ask the person making it to use no/low VOC paint, etc. I've been doing some research on earth and kid friendly finishes, so let me know if you need some pointers.

    I think you could make a pretty cool little boy room centered around a nice, red race car bed!


  4. $400 isn't bad at all for what the guy would do. It would be really cool. I'm just more practical than that and am looking for something Z can live in for a long time - like 'til college. :)

    I've actually done a little bit of research on the low VOCs b/c I wrote an article on prepping for a baby while preggers. They make such cool things now-a-days!

  5. Hmmmm. The toddler beds are cute for about a year. And then? They outgrow them. The racecar only lasts for a tiny portion of his life. Seems like a bit of an indulgence when you could just get him a bed to sleep in and a racecar to drive on the floor... The trundle for hubs is a brilliant plan.

  6. I'm with you! My husband clearly has deep seeded issues from not getting one as a child and they are clouding his judgement.

    We didn't do a toddler bed with our daughter, she went right to a regular bed. That is what I would do with Z - however, if I do give in and get a race car bed for him, I am definitely going Toddler size so I can get it out of his room quickly :)


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